Ibanez JEM777DY

This is my JEM777DY Desert Sun Yellow. It's a killer guitar for several reasons. It has the sweetest thin maple neck I've ever played,
flat fretboard with pyramid inlays. It sounds crisper and more strat~like than my Floral for some reason, I don't know why.

At a kegger in Rico's warehouse on Rockand Key
Key West, Florida

Live with Psycho Gypsy warming up for L.A. Guns at the "Big Fish Pub"
Tempe, Arizona

This guitar was with me at the G~3 concert in Phoenix on 06/26/01 and was autographed for the second time by Steve Vai,
and then by John Petrucci, Mike Keneally, Billy Sheehan, and Mike Portnoy on the back.

I also got Warren DiMartini to sign it at a recent RATT show in Scottsdale, and Alice Cooper's autograph at an apperance here in Phoenix.
Steve Morse and Dave LaRue also signed it at a recent Dregs show at The Bash in Tempe,
and Glen Tipton & Ian Hill from
"Judas Priest" signed it on August 11th, 2002!
It's becoming a guitar I'm almost afraid to play, but I still bring it out on occasion.

Here are a couple of pics from the EXODUS show in Phoenix at the JAR.
Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt and Tom Hunting all signed and