I grew up in a musical family, was taught a little guitar by my grandfather and father. Throughout school I developed my playing by listening to albums and learning by ear. Started out with KISS and Ted Nugent, then progressed to Van Halen, Frank Marino, and Zeppelin. It seemed every month or so I would discover something new that would blow me away and I just had to figure out every note. Joined several bands in jr. high and high school. When I first heard the Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, and Blackfoot, I became obsessed with the guitar harmonys and dove head long into my own interpretation of music theory. Upon graduating from high school in Indiana, I formed "ALMANAC" a southern rock band with 3 lead guitarists, bass, drums, and a lead vocalist. We played numerous gigs around the Louisville, Ky area between '82 & '84. After several personnel changes, the nucleus of the band, Rick Miller, Barry Blake, Chip Hines and I decided to move to Florida and give it a try there. We rented a house in Lakeland, and began the proccess of filling the bass and lead vocalist positions. Also around this time we changed the name of the band to "FARENHIET". We finally got going again, with Mark Chandler on bass and Paul Alonzo on lead vocals. Moved the operation to Seffner (just east of Tampa) and embarked on a "Torture Tour!" By this time we had 2 customized busses, an awsome P.A. and light show, and had evolved into an intense heavy metal band. We traveled throughout the south, playing in Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. We played some great gigs and had a lot of fun. In September of 1985 we traveled to Key West, Florida for the first time. We played at "Durty Harry's" on Duval Street for a 3 week stretch. By this time the road life was wearing a little thin on everyone. I decided Key West was the place for me and stayed there for 15 years. I played in numerous local bands there over the years, and formed "STORMFRONT" seen here at Hammerheads on Duval Street in 1996.
With a new drummer, Stormfront became "WYZENHYMER" in '97 and grew to be a staple on the Key West club scene.

In May of 2000 I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and became the lead guitarist for "Psycho Gypsy", which was voted "Phoenix' Favorite Hard Rock Band" in Get Out magazine two years running. An off-shoot of "Gypsy" was "The Crue" a Motley Crue tribute band with full costumes and scenery. This band gave me the opportunity to play before my biggest crowds ever as we headlined the "A" clubs in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Tuscon, El Paso, San Fransisco, Sacramento, and numerous Phoenix area gigs.
We were the "Official Motley Crue tribute band" for Cruefest 2001 at The Whisky A GoGo, and in early 2002 had another great show there.

I also worked with "Spiders and Snakes", a band featuring Lizzie Grey of "London" fame, Marty Havikk, Mark Bolen, and Johnny Neptune. The same members also formed "Killers" an Alice Cooper trbute. I was a member of these bands for about a year.

I am currently working with "METAL GODS" here in Phoenix. We are a tribute to Judas Priest and I get to be Glenn Tipton in the band.
Glenn was a huge influence on my guitar playing and it's a blast to portray him onstage.
"FREEBIRD" a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, is my other current project wherein I am emulating another of my heros, Rickey Medlocke.
You can visit our website at
FREEBIRD has been an awesome experience as I have had the honor of playing with Jimmie Van Zant, Ronnie's cousin. We've done some very exciting shows together from Las Vegas to West Palm Beach Florida.

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Guitar Mike

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